How Does Stigma Affect Mental Health Treatment?

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In recent years, there has been a transformation in the public discourse surrounding therapy. Once a secret shame or punchline, counseling is now increasingly accepted as a vital tool in maintaining mental health and overcoming periods of emotional adversity. Still, even as attitudes change, stigma surrounding seeking mental health care keeps far too many people […]

What is Good Mental Health Anyway?

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As conversations about mental health become increasingly, thankfully, more mainstream, it’s more important than ever to get clear on the language we use to discuss it. What’s “good” mental health anyway? Here are some necessary definitions before we get down to answering that question. Mental Health and Mental Illness According to the CDC, mental health […]

It Shouldn’t Be Hard To Talk About Mental Health. Here’s Why

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Even in times of extreme adversity, talking about mental health still holds some stigma. It is still far too common for those struggling mentally or emotionally to feel the need to ignore their hardships and put on a brave face. In other instances, those who make the leap to find care may simply not know […]

How To Stop Codependency When a Loved One Struggles With Addiction

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It’s easy for those close to a person struggling with addiction to find themselves in a codependent relationship. In codependent relationships, people take responsibility for the extreme needs of another person to the detriment of themselves. In relationships involving people struggling with substance abuse issues, this codependency can often become enabling behavior, with people taking responsibility […]

3 Ways To Keep Your Recovery On Track During The Pandemic

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As the coronavirus pandemic has become part of the backdrop of our lives, substance abuse recovery, like so many other things, is looking a lot different. With increased isolation, changes in employment, and a general feeling of uncertainty plaguing more and more Americans, research shows that the risk of relapse is higher than ever for those in […]

New Era Rehab Offers Online Video Counseling For All

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In need of counseling or mental health services? Mentally exhausted due to COVID-19? Out of town and need someone to talk to? New Era Rehab Center is now offering Telemedicine (online video counseling) services for those that are unable to come into our facilities. Telehealth / telemedicine is the distribution of health related services and […]

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